Website Inspection


Is your website turning customers off?

Are you unsure about your website?

Do you wonder what you spent all of that money for?

Is it out of date and are you embarrassed by how your website looks?

When visitors land on your website you have seconds to make a great impression. Or else they will click off your site and move on to your competitors website. You need them to love being where they are and even stay a while – on your amazing website.

Just think about how you would feel if you went to a website and you did not get the information you were looking for! You would feel frustrated and leave the page (how many times have you done that?).

Your customers want to arrive at your website and see pictures of you and your team and they want to know how you can solve the problems that they are currently facing.

Is your Website doing its job?

Your visitor wants a user friendly, seamless process for accessing information to help them out.

The website’s job is to make it simple for customers to contact you.

And my website audit will do just that. You’ll be so excited to share your website with everyone you meet plus you will see more web traffic and leads coming into your business.

Imagine having a clear direction to transform your website into something you are proud of

Just think you how great you’ll feel once you have a clear path forward with your website.

Once you have made the changes (or you can hire us to do it for you) you will feel proud to send people to your website. Imagine potential customers landing on your web page and being convinced to give you the call instead of your competitor.

Get an in-depth, live video review of your website.

Here is how the website audit inspection works

  • fill out this form below
  • then i will review your website and send you an in-depth video review on ways to make your website more efficient, user friendly with all of the information potential clients are looking for
  • you schedule a date to review your questions
  • we meet (online) and review your notes and questions

I will focus on what will make the page convert, not just the overall look and feel of the website. A great looking design is great to have, but if the people coming to your website are not buying or contacting you then it is not doing it’s job.

Let me show you how you can make more money with your website.

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With a detailed video analysis review of your website, get the direction you need to dramatically increases the effectiveness of your most important sales and marketing tool!


I’m so sure that I can provide at least one piece of high-value advice that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at the end of our video call and follow up email you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

I want to provide you with value; if I cannot provide at least 3 pieces of high value advice, then I will provide a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s important to me that you are completely satisfied, if at the end of the video call you feel that you have not got your money worth, let me know and I will refund your payment in full.

I take pride in knowing you are happy with this product.