Do you have a strategy to communicate with your prospects, leads and customers?

Visitors to your site may be interested but not yet ready to buy so capturing their contact information and following up with helpful articles, answering questions and case studies is a great way to help a user move toward a buying decision!

Relevant Contact, not just Constant Contact

  • People do not consider information they are hungry for as spam – for instance people are voracious for information when they are in research mode prior to making a buying decision
  • Sending those people relevant information at the right time via the right channels (e.g. via email. text, phone, direct mail) is crucial

Nurture Leads

  • Invite people to join a list where you can send them answers to questions they may have
  • Engage in a conversation with your prospects – sending useful information and asking for a response is a way to start talking with your visitors
  • 90% of people are not ready to buy yet, so this means you should continue to follow up and educate prospects, helping them along the buying process. Nurture leads who visit your website to allow them to continue their research without feeling pressure to buy now

Marketing Automation

  • Manually contacting all of the visitors that come to your web page in a timely matter with pertinent information can be unwieldy and prone to errors
  • Using the right tool to manage all of your website visitors and new customers can save you time, improve conversions and increase sales
  • Marketing Automation tools are the answer to keeping in contact with the right people, at the right time, with the right message!

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