Convert Window Shoppers into Subscribers & Buyers

Web page & landing page conversion optimization is a crucial component to your online marketing strategy. Testing and measuring elements of your web pages to increase visitor engagement can mean the difference between a positive or negative return on marketing spend investment (ROI).

CTA - Call to Action

  • Let people know what to do next, having clear calls to action on the page directs the user to take the next step in the buying process

Match Ads to Landing Page Message

  • When paying for ads online, the biggest mistake business owners make is sending that paid traffic to their home page
  • Ensure that the language and imagery on your landing web page matches the ad copy that compelled the user to click through

Ensure your Page Elements Are Doing What you Expect

  • Wouldn’t it be great to know if people are clicking on that button, image, or hyperlink?
  • With proprietary tools (see screen shot below) we are able to track exactly where visitors are clicking on your web page
  • Web site designers and marketers can take these data points and make the changes needed to the web page to encourage maximum user interaction

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