Attract the Search Engines & Your Target Market with a Well Optimized Website

The key to being successful online is to have a website that is attractive to both the search engines and to the people you want to market your product & services too. Review the keys below and call us to discuss how we can help your business attract visitors online.

Yes! Technical Aspects Do Matter

  • A website is more than just the pretty public face you see on the screen
  • Having a well built website platform is the first step in being attractive to the search engines
  • Having a well designed site page, website structure and a clear sitemap can help the search engines find all of your website pages
  • Avoid old web technology like Flash or Java Applets can ensure your website is mobile ready

Use Keywords That People Search For

  • Over 1 billion searches are done using Google every month but…
  • You need to know the exact keywords that your target market is using to search, and you should optimize your website by…
  • Adding these keywords to strategic locations on your website.
  • Finding and using strategic keywords on your website is the foundation of On Page search engine optimization (SEO)

Pick a Niche to Market To

  • Knowing who you want to sell to (specifically) aids in a clear marketing message and becoming attractive to your potential customers – we help you choose the target markets you want to attract
  • Position your product or service for the target market(s), using language and imagery they will relate to
  • Just because you pick and dominate a niche – it does not preclude you from taking that successful model and duplicating it for another target market and product/service pairing

Publish Content that Answers Customer Questions

  • Search engines love keyword rich content – fresh, relevant content that users are looking for
  • Blogs, infographics, articles, case studies, project specifications, social media & frequently asked questions and answers are all ways to add uniqueness and relevancy to your website
  • We research and build a plan for developing the right content unto your site that answers the questions in your target market’s mind

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