Although we have written a blog post about marketing automation, we searched the web to find some videos explaining what Marketing Automation is.

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Marketing | What is Marketing Automation? by Salesforce for Startups

Marketing Automation Explained: B2B Tech Topics by TechnologyAdvice

This video details the main tactics enabled by marketing automation for generating leads. These strategies all service the bottom line: producing more revenue for your organization by generating the correct quality and quantity of leads.

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As businesses gain access to more customer information, and consumers themselves have multiple options for services or products, marketing strategies have become more complex. The number of specializations within the marketing profession has expanded to include positions like social media, search engine optimization, copy writing and blogging, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and so on. For many organizations, this means producing a steady stream of leads. Securing a steady stream of leads is difficult however, which is why consistently measuring ROI still eludes many marketers. Marketing automation software (sometimes referred to as lead generation software) is one of the best solutions to this puzzle.

What Is Marketing Automation? Learn How It Can Transform Your Business Today! by JDR Group

A short 6 minute video explaining what marketing automation actually is and how it can transform your business.

What is marketing automation?

It is the key to unlock your business to a whole new world of more effective, efficient, and lucrative marketing! Automated marketing has come a long way in the past few years and has started to establish itself as a must have tool. It actually has been present in business for many years, as far back as the industrial revolution.

This was when Henry Ford first introduced manufacturing automation. The principles of automation are the same, whether in manufacturing or marketing. It increases the speed at which things are done and has made more things possible.

Marketing automation has a lot of benefits and can help save you time, money and effort. If you are not currently using marketing automation as part of your business marketing you really are missing out.

Marketing automation really helps you as a director or a sales person to do more with less. It enables you to improve lead qualification, meaning you can spending time with better qualified leads and prospects. This makes you more effective and more profitable. Marketing automation helps attract better customers, reduces time to sale and also increases your average order value by helping you build trust and confidence in an automated way.

In this video Will Williamson, one of the directors here at The JDR Group discusses what marketing automation is, what it allows you to do, what you should be paying for a marketing automation system, how we can help and much more!

What is Marketing Automation… in 60 seconds by The One Minute Marketer

Find out what Marketing Automation is in 60 seconds! Stay tuned for more explainer videos, including Marketing Automation for B2B, how marketing automation works, and exclusive interviews with top industry experts.

Marketing Automation Benefits by MioDatos

Marketing automation has been a buzz word as of late, encouraging many people to find out exactly what it is and how it can help their business. By definition, marketing automation is software designed for marketing teams to help them market through multiple digital channels while automating certain tasks. This ability to plan ahead not only allows marketers more control over their campaigns, but they can also reach more end consumers over a wide array of digital avenues. The benefits we will discuss include CRM functionality, reporting, consistent messaging, and shortened sales cycle.

The first benefit we will discuss is CRM functionality. CRM stands for customer relationship manager and allows users to consolidate and manage their contacts from social media, email, excel spreadsheets, and more. A marketing automation platform with CRM functionality also allows users to create target segments and manage info like last contacted. This allows marketers to keep track of where prospects are in the funnel.

Reporting functions within a marketing automation platform allow marketers to calculate the ROI of marketing activities. Robust marketing automation tools can tell you who how your landing pages are performing, if prospects have engaged with your social media posts, how effective your email marketing campaigns have been and more.

When considering how many different mediums marketers must cover in their campaigns, it can be difficult to keep messages consistent. Companies may use inconsistent logos, brand messaging, and timing. When marketing to your target audiences, all three must be consistent to increase trust with your prospects. In this example, a marketer has created campaigns for their sales promotion, products, and holidays.

Another benefit of marketing automation is a shortened sales cycle. As a general rule, a prospect is usually exposed to your content 8-10 times before they buy something. Marketing automation allows you to set up lead scoring that notifies you when a prospect has reached a certain level of interest so their info can be passed to the sales team. According to Salesforce, companies that use marketing automation see 70% faster sales cycles. As a result, businesses can generate more sales at less cost.

In this video, we’ve discussed 4 benefits of marketing automation including crm functionality, reporting, consistent messaging, and a shortened sales cycle. For more information on marketing automation visit our website and download our white paper on the benefits of marketing automation.

What is marketing automation? by Marketing CoPilot

Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot explains what you need to consider when thinking about implementing marketing automation in your business to manage the online lead generation process. Get the marketing automation guide that accompanies this presentation at