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Local Seo: Answer Edmonton’s Most-Asked Questions

Boost the traffic to your blog and your local by blogging about things that people in your area are Googling. Blogging is a form of content marketing, and this type of local blog shows that you’re a business that keeps its finger on the pulse of the city you’re in. Answering people’s questions is also […]

Marketing Math: How to Determine ROI of your Marketing Efforts

Nobody starts a business with hopes of just breaking even. You want your business to be profitable and lead to expansion and success – right? You don’t want to just live comfortably, you want to live the dream! How does Marketing Help? Marketing helps people (strangers, friends & family) get to know your business. You […]

Social Media Automation

How to Get Started with Social Media Automation Part of marketing a business or brand these days is getting yourself out there on social media, and if you’re still on the fence as to whether you need to be on social media, read the article, “Why Social Media Marketing – 1o ways Social Media can help grow […]